Our Strategic Partnerships

Our wide network of relationships established with real estate operators, professionals, institutions, agents, and property owners will provide access to all the talent needed to manage every venture or situation as it may be.

Our resources have the knowledge and the means to advise, joint venture, purchase, or simply advise and consult with other developers and financial institutions.

From financing to management to marketing and sales, Savoy and its partners are ready to undertake as principals or consultants, most situations that present themselves in these difficult times and convert them into opportunities for success as a one stop resource.

Our Projects

The following examples of successfully completed projects range from townhouse complexes built in choice residential locations, to greatly appreciated high rise developments, to condominium conversions with values of up to one hundred million dollars each.

Most of these projects were designed, financed, constructed, and marketed by Savoy Development principals and partners, and generated double digit returns to investors and partners.

If you would like to know more about each property and see some pictures from several places, please click here.

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