Our Commitment

Savoy and its partners are committed to create and maximize value by capitalizing on trends identified by their resources and reliable indicators and to build values that capitalize on strong fundamentals and promising perspectives.

Savoy will combine its analytical ability to evaluate every situation and its "entrepreneurial" vision, and intuition with the operational resources of its strategic partners.

Our Experience

Savoy's principals and partners have experience in all fields: design, development, entitlement, financing, construction, asset management, marketing, and sales - all under one roof.

Enrico F. Plati, its principal, started his professional career as a University Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning. He went on to form the distinguished Chicago architectural and development firm of Friedes and Plati, where he practiced, built, and developed, later in partnership with others, a multitude of successful projects and expanded into profitable marketing and sales of properties in the East coast and the South West.

Mr. Plati is also currently consulting internationally with real estate operators in Europe and Central America.

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