About Us

Savoy is a newly formed real estate company with a glorious history which will carry into the future.

Over the last 30 years, its founding principal, Enrico F. Plati, has successfully conceived, developed, built, and marketed multi-family and mixed-use properties in multiple US states, with a total current value in excess of one billion dollars. Some of our projects are illustrated in more detail hereinafter.

After meeting every challenge in the past, and recognizing today's radically transformed real estate environment, Savoy is now embarking into its most ambitious mission yet: to identify and recover, in conjunction with its strategic partners, the value of quality properties battered in the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Savoy has been formed to acquire, complete, develop, redevelop, reposition, manage, market, and re-evaluate the worthwhile properties that will benefit from the experience, vision, talent, and access to capital of its principals and strategic partners.

Savoy intends to accomplish its mission by assisting and joint venturing with private equity sources and financial institutions, whether by recreating value or by maximizing liquidity of existing properties and of others to be built from the ground up in the future.